You tiao breakfast roll

A combination of healthy vegetables and mouthwatering you tiao gives you the much needed energy for the day ahead.


Truly a breakfast for champions!


  1. Glutinous Rice

  2. Rice

  3. Sausage

  4. You Tiao

  5. Black sesame

  6. Celery stick

  7. Salad dressing


  1. Wash the glutinous rice and rice, put them into a rice cooker and cook them at a ratio of 2: 1

  2. Knead the fried dough sticks to form a dough and simmer for 40 minutes.

  3. Pure meat grilled sausages are cooked over low heat for later use.

  4. Roll the fritters into long strips, cut them into even numbers, scoop them one by two, press them in the middle with chopsticks, and then roll them into the oil pan.

  5. Wash the celery sticks and cut them into sections, and the fritters, sausages, and cling film are ready.

  6. Glutinous rice is broken up, black sesame and salad dressing are ready.

  7. Spread the plastic wrap, sprinkle some cooked black sesame seeds on it, spread the glutinous rice evenly on it, about 1 cm thick; then add the sausage, fritters, celery sticks, and squeeze the salad dressing (adjust the side dishes according to your preference) 

  8. Roll into a roll, and then use plastic wrap to strictly shape, just cut it when eating.

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