air fry sotong you tiao

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Imagine this deliciously crunchy, moist and aromatic Sotong You Tiao on your dinner table! Now you can enjoy this favourite Zhi Char classic at a fraction of the cost, while in the convenience of your home. 


200g fish paste (I used a bowl of Bobo fish paste)

about 100-150g prawns

2 tablespoons egg white

½ teaspoon sugar

a dash of sesame oil

a dash of ground white pepper

a dash of hua tiao jiu corn flour (for dusting the tops)

1 tablespoon oil (for sesame seeds)

1 packet of our You Tiao 


1. Split the You Tiao through the middle. 


2. Using a pair of kitchen scissors, snip open the top of the you tiao to make room for the stuffing.


3. Wash and devein the prawns. Chop or mince the prawns - depending on how much bite you want when you eat the you tiao.


4. Mix the minced prawns with the fish paste, egg white and the condiments (except the cornflour, oil and sesame seeds).


5. Divide and stuff the mixture into the you tiao.


6. Preheat the airfryer to 180degC.


7. Meanwhile, dust the tops of the stuffed you tiao with corn flour then brush with oil.


8. Top with sesame seeds.


9. Airfry and serve !

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