Mala You Tiao 

Are you a fan of the mala ? Here's a perfect way for you to enjoy all your favourite things in one dish.


  1. ​You Tiao

  2. Millet peppers

  3. Shallots

  4. Garlic cloves

  5. Coriander

  6. Vinegar

  7. Soy sauce

  8. Oil


  1. Tear the You Tiao first and cut into small pieces; wash the shallots and cut them into green onions; peel and cut the garlic cloves into pieces; wash and cut the coriander into sections; cut the millet pepper into slices.

  2. Put coriander, minced garlic, millet pepper flakes, and shallots in a large bowl, and then add an appropriate amount of soy sauce and vinegar and mix thoroughly.

  3. Heat an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the wok, fry You Tiao for a short moment till they are crispy. 

  4. Remove the drained oil and mix well in the prepared sauce pan.

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